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Brand new bands, same great festival. Join us September 9-11, 2022, on Beaver Island for the second annual Emeral Isle Irish Feile

Beaver Island has long been known as “America’s Emerald Isle”. It is the only Island in the United States where immigrants left an Island in Ireland and came to an Island in Lake Michigan. Many of those original people from Arranmore Island, County Donegal, Ireland have descendants who still live on Beaver Island. Back in the day, house parties were very popular on the Island. At the parties the unique Irish musical legacy was carried on. Pat Bonner who played the fiddle, Johnny Green, Dominick Gallagher and others who remembered the songs from Ireland. In later years, we had Jewell Gillespie, Barry Pischner and Edward Palmer along with Glen McDonough. The music continues on with Edward his children, and Jewell’s son, Danny and daughter , Cindy Cushman have kept up the tradition of singing Irish music. The Island is long steeped in Irish History and music so join us in celebrating our unique Island and dance the weekend away. 


Hello all! The festival is approaching and we want to make sure that you are armed with all the important details.

If your looking for information on accomadations, places to eat, car rentals, and shops please check out http://www.beaverisland.org Feel free to call 231-448-2505 or email chamber@beaverisland.org with questions.

Taxi service is available with B’s Taxi. Give her a call for getting around town or if you need to pick from the airport or other place. Her number is 989-239-9292.

#1 WRIST BANDS – Wrist bands are REQUIRED to attend any of the musical/dancing performances. For $35 ($30 if you prebuy online) you get 2 days worth of incredible talent and fun. A one day wrist band is available for $20. Event staff will be working the doors to check bands. If you are without a wrist band, the staff will collect $10 from you to enter the establishment. If you want to move on to another establishment after that, you will have to pay another $10 and so on. This is why the wrist band is a great value. $35 lets you bop around to all the musical events/pubs for 2 nights. (If you are arriving to the island after the Cultural Center/Holy Cross Hall is closed, you will have the option of buying a wristband at any of our music locations.)
☘️Wrist bands can be purchased/picked up at the Cultural Center/Holy Cross Hall starting at 1:00 p.m. on September 6. This also includes the pre-buy wristbands that you did online.
☘️Wristbands for 12 & under are FREE
Ages 13-17 are $10 for the whole weekend

#2 SHUTTLE – We will have multiple marked shuttles to transport festival attendees around to the pubs. Look for shuttles to be parked outside Beaver Island Realty. Shuttles will be available from 6 pm to 11 pm.

#3 SCHEDULE– The event schedule has been finalized is now on the website. Check it out to view the times and locations of each event.

#4 CULTURAL CENTER/HOLY CROSS HALL – When picking up your wrist bands, be sure to swing through and check out the artisans and vendors as well as visit the Irish Tea Room, hosted by the Altar Society. You can shop on Friday from 1-7 and Saturday from 11-6.
Saturday there are several events happening at the Hall, so make sure to check the schedule.


We have a very large list of generous donors who are making this event possible. You will find their names on our banners around town, t-shirts and website. Thanks to all who are housing, feeding or transporting our guests. We know that they will see and feel the best of Beaver Island Hospitality.
We hope that you will all join us in enjoying all Emerald Isle Irish Feile has to offer!

🚨Don’t forget to pre-purchase your weekend wrist band & save 


Beaver Island, Michigan 49782

Beaver Island, Michigan is the most remote inhabited island in the Great Lakes, As an unbridged island, the only way to and from travel to Beaver Island is via ferry, airplane or boat. Beaver Island is an amazing place to visit to unwind, unplug and relax. It is also a great place to attend a truly unique Irish Festival.


               ·         Founding Sponsor:  $2,000 to $3,000 +

    o        Pre-event promotion

    o        Link to business on event website

    o        Event signage

    o        Verbal thank you (multiple) at the event

    o        Larger logo on event t-shirts

    o        Four event passes and four t-shirts

    ·         Major Sponsor:  $1,000 to $1,999

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    o        Medium logo on event t-shirts

    o        Two event passes and two t-shirts

    ·         Corporate Sponsor:  $500 to $999

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    o        Small logo on event t-shirts

    o        One event pass and one t-shirt

    ·         Supporting Sponsor of $100 to $499

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    o        Verbal thank you at the event

    o        Name listed on event t-shirts

    o        One t-shirt

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Emerald Isle Irish Festival

The Beaver Island Irish Feile is a new event for 2019. This event is sponsored by the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce as well as multiple private businesses on Beaver Island. This event is a collaborative event including the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce, BeaverIsland Community School and the Beaver Island Historical Society. Educational events are planned at both the school and the Mormon Printshop Museum. This  event is going to be a showcase for the Irish heritage of Beaver Island which is also known as America’s Emerald Isle. The First Annual Irish Festival will feature  Irish music, activities, and history as it relates to the settlement of Beaver Island.

There will be more, so keep checking back at the website for further information.

Emerald Isle Irish Feile Festival Press Release available from chamber@beaverisland.org