Calling of the Clans


In support of Beaver Island's Emerald Isle Irish Féile

The Calling of the Clans Fundraiser is an authentic way to connect the historic Beaver Island families (Clans) to this amazing, growing festival. The goal of the Emerald Isle Irish Féile to recognize, showcase, and preserve Beaver Island’s unique Irish Heritage including its connection to Arranmore Island, County Donegal, Ireland. In many ways, it is showcasing the evolution of the ties between the Beaver Island Clans and the Clans of Ireland.

The Calling of the Clans is a fun and slightly competitive way for the Beaver Island diaspora (those who have ever called Beaver Island home or are descendants of those who have) to support the longevity of the festival.  The inaugural Calling of the Clans in 2023 far exceeded expectations by raising over $30,000.00 from 173 donors.  This show of support allowed us to welcome the Arranmore Pipe band along with more than 120 visitors from Arranmore Island, Ireland, and Chicago.  Clan donations came from these historic Island families: Boyle, Connaghan, Donlevy, Gillespie, Green/Greene, Heller/Perdue, McCann, McCauley/Malloy, McDonough, and O’Donnell.

Not a member of one of the historic clans, but have a strong connection to Beaver Island? You can create your own clan (like the Heller-Perdue Clan did in 2023) and be a part of the evolution of Irish cultural heritage on Beaver Island; you can even develop your own Clan Crest!

The clan with the most donations by noon on the Great Day – March 17, 2024, will be able to decorate the festival’s Hearth Area with their family photos and heirlooms; the McDonough Clan took honors in 2023.  All ‘Clans’ who raise at least $1000.00 will have a flag of their Family Crest on display at the Festival Headquarters – Holy Cross Hall. For our Calling of the Clans supporters, the festival will begin on Thursday September 5th with a “Holy Hour” event to kick off the féile and thank our Calling of the Clans Supporters for their generosity. This “Holy Hour” special event is an American take on a weekly festive gathering at Early’s Pub on Arranmore at which we will thank and recognize those who are supporting the longevity and expansion of the festival. To secure your spot at the Thursday evening event, contribute at least $50.00 to the clan of your choice and to include a plus one at the event, contribute at least $100.00.

To become a Calling of the Clans Supporter, please give a gift before March 17, 2024 – The Great Day!  Questions? Email:

BECOME A CALLING OFTHE CLANS SUPPORTER IS EASY: Simply complete the transaction on this page.


Alice & Andy Klees, Alli & Joe McDonough, Amy Yachcik, Anthony Connaghan, Audrey Chapman, Bailey McDonough, Bailey’s Favorite Baby Nurse, Barb Flowers, Bernadette Cole, Beth Anne Lucas, Betty Greene, Beverly Cantwell, Bonnie Cull-Rice, Bonnie Cull-Rice, Bradley Vistain, Brenna Wearn, Bridget Martin & Travis Martin, Brooke Slater, Bud & Skip McDonough Family & Tim & Denise McDonough, Carol Gillespie, Carrie Douglas, Casey McDonough, Catherine Brozek, Chris & Kristen Bass, Christie Perdue, Christine Miller, Cindy Gillespie-Cushman, Cindy Novotny, Clyde Left, Colin Nackerman, Colleen Martin, Colleen McCann, Colleen Sellers, Dan & Marnie Byers, Dan Gillespie, Dan Nackerman, Dana Miller, Daniel Boyle, Daniel Greene, Danny and Ann Nackerman, David Bair, Dennis Cull, Diane Westmaas, Emma Tuthill, Eric Bair, Erin Martin, Gail Craig, Gail Hansul, Gary Breden, Grainne Cushman, Greg & Patty Brynaert, H Terrence Smith, Hilary Palmer, James Gallagher, James Gillespie, Jane Baker, Jared Cole, Jared Wojan, Jason Chapman, Jessica Anderson, Jim Henley, John & Pam Greene, John Cull, John Gillespie, Jon Lewis, Jordan McDonough, Joy Green, Judith Hansul, Julie Gillespie, Juliette Wolf, Kate Wojan, Katelyn Dusdal, Kathleen Boyle Zeits, Kathleen Dvoracek, Keith Szczepanski, Kellie Sopczynski, Kelly Ireland, Kerrie Gillespie DiGia, Kevin Green, Kim Jones, Kitty McNamara & Mike Green, Larry McDonough, Leslie Cunningham, Linda Supernaw Warner, Linda Wearn, Lisa Sladek, Lynn Blue, Maeve Green, Marie LaFreniere, Mark & Jacque LaFreniere, Mary Beth & Dave Nelson, Mary Delamater, Mary Faber, Mary Faber, Mary Muto, Mary O’Donnell, Mary Palmer, Michael Penkevich, Mike Crowell, Molly Cull, Nancy McCann Plumley, Neal Green, Neil & Connie Boyle, Nicole LoDico, Paige Cull, Pam O’Brien, Pamela Grassmick & Brad Grassmick, Pat and Julie Greene, Patrick Nackerman, Paul Cole & Shirley Cole, Peggy Bowersock, Pete & Sandy LoDico, Pete Peterson, Randi Hunter, Ray Vining, Richard & Laura Gillespie, Robert Cole, Roberta Griffith, Ron Wojan, Rose Peters, Rosie Boyle, Russell Green, Sarah Brubaker, Sarah MacLean, Shannon McDonough & Brad McDonough , Shari Chesshire, Steve Lucas, Susan & Ted Kocol, Susan Boyle Heynig, Tara Palmer-Pop, Theresa Gacek, Timothy Wearn, Tom Greene, Tom Lockton, Tom McCafferty, Tony Gatliff, Vicki Smith, Vincent Left

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